We can keep it undercover
''Honestly i cannot even put it into words you guys are why i do what I do it's all for you - Selena Gomez''


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@selenagomez: Gettin ready for Chelsea :)


@mrsdavisxo: The stunning @selenagomez asked me to play a 2-player arcade game with her tonight! For real. She’s kind of amazing!


@selenagomez: Thank you Jen for my pretty Jennifer Meyer S necklace ☺️#Itgottangledlikesixtimes #seventhtimesacharm…

“@selenagomez: Hey @chrissyteigen wanna dance off?"

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"Demi and I are in our pyjamas, watching a movie, with popcorn and pickles. (…) Put the pickle juice in a cup, get the popcorn and then dip it in. She´s looking at me like I´m crazy right now. It´s really good!"

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